The universe of Harry Potter

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Harry Potter was created on July 31st of 1980. The writer, J.K.Rowling wrote the books and as they became so vivid, some of the best film directors decided to make films about those books. There are 8 or 7 and a half books and movies. Those are the names of the books and the movies:

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. First year of Harry Potter at Hogwarts: he made friends (Ron, Hermione) and finds out he belongs to the Gryffindor house. He and his friends discover new things like magic and also they saved the school from one ally of Voldemort, most known as «You Know Whom».
  2. Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber. Second year at Hogwarts: they discover a secret chamber in the bathroom, Hermione get petrified and Harry meets Dobby, the Malfoy’s domestic elf. Dobby warns Harry not go back to Hogwarts, because of what happened on the last year, but Harry don’t listen to him, and save the school again from «You Know Whom».
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Third year at Hogwarts: Harry meets his uncle, Sirius Black, and he also meets Hagrid’s Hipogrif. Besides, after practicing and practicing patterns, he accomplishes to cast a spell. Once again, Harry and his friends save the school from «You Know Whom» and his allies.
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Fourth year at Hogwarts: During his sleep, Harry sees an old man that listen to Voldemort and one of his allies talking about killing a boy named Harry Potter. After that, Voldemort saw this old man and killed him. A new year at Hogwarts started, and it is the yer of the Goblet of Fire challenge. Someone signed up Harry to the challenge and although he was underage, Harry accepted it. One more time Harry’s crew save the school from «You Know Who».
  5. Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. Fifth year at Hogwarts: In Hogwarts, the director Dolores Umbridge wasn’t doing her job right, and she didn’t teach the students anything. Because of that, Harry sets up a secret school where he prepares the others students to fight against evil. Later on the Slytherin’s students find out and tell Dolores Umbridge what’s going on. She destroys the room. Harry’s uncle, Sirius Black, dies. And one more time the school is saved by Harry and his friends.
  6. Harry Potter and the mystery of the prince. Sixth year at Hogwarts: Harry discoveres that Lord Voldemort divided his soul into 7 «amulets», called Horcruxes. Two of them had already destroyed but there still 5 left. Dumbledore helps Harry to found out the Horcruxes and destroyed them but… Severus Snape killes Dumbledore and Harry had to find the ones left on his own.
  7. Harry Potter and the relics of death. This book is divided in two movies:

Part 1: Last year at Hogwarts: Harry and his friends can’t go back to Hogwarts because if they do this, it would be very dangerous after what happened the previous year, but they are trying to find out where are the Horcruxes and destroy them. Dobby died because Belatrix, the strange killed him.

Part 2: In the search and destruction of the Horcruxes, Harry’s crew find out that Harry was a Horcruxe. All this searching leads them to the last battle against Lord Voldemort and finally… They destroyed all the Horcruxes, and save the school the last time for now.

The best sentences of Harry Potter:

  1. It’s leviosa not leviosaa. (Hermione)
  2. You are a wizard Harry (Hagrid)
  3. You have the emotional capacity of a brick (Hermione)
  4. I solemnly swear that my intentions are not good (Jorge Weasley)
  5. We’ll be stronger the closer we are and the weaker if we are more divided (Dumbledore).