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8M mobilizations banned “for reasons of public health”

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In Madrid, the government prohibited going out on the 7th and 8th in the demonstrations of the celebration for Women’s Day

The decision has been made after studying the duration and the places involved, they warned that there could be more than 60,000 people between the 6th and 7th. After all the analysis, a firm decision has been taken to prohibit it, for reasons of public health, all the demonstrations.

The Ministry of Health recommended that the 8 M demonstrations not be held after it was announced that the mobilizations of more than 500 people were to be prohibited, this is said “there is no place.” The decision that the Community of Madrid continues to be one of the territories in Spain with the highest rate of coronavirus infections, as well as hospitalized people, has been explained. Normally the demonstration takes place in Barcelona at 6:30 am but this changes depending on the city.  Madrid is “at an extreme risk level”, level 4, and the situation of the UCI is worse than the highest in the second wave of the pandemic, in October.

Barcelona was permitted to do the demonstration without any problem, but a lot of people are complaining that they were allowed to hold another demonstration just a few days ago. 

Authors: Cheyenne Jimenez, Uriel Gómez, Aleix Mas and Raúl Chillón

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