3r d'ESO is working on a time capsule. (Source: unsplash.com)

We made our time capsule

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A message to the future

What is a time capsule? It is a box in which objects with an appreciation are kept and it is buried. You have to dig it up in the future and remember the good times. 

In this time capsule, we are going to put things that remind us of our good times  of our childhood, or important things that we want to remember in the future. We have also thought about putting some objects that remind us of the covid-19 pandemic so that when we open it in the future we remember everything.

We think that would be a good option to bring some pictures from when we were little, and objects that have a sentimental value and bring back good memories. We are thinking about putting toys, photos, necklaces… 

What we would like to do would be to be able to dig up the time capsule in about 20 years and find the box with our memories of when we were little. 

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