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We do our time capsule

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A time capsule is a box where you put personal objects or things that you appreciate like books, toys etc. 

Then you have to bury anywhere and in a long time you will dig on the place and you will discover the objects and the meaning ate  of them or maybe future people find it and discover things of your age. 

People had discovered old time capsules in the forest from other people. They have found letters, value objects… Could you like to find a time capsule? 

Our time capsule video


  • Key Chain: My keychain is special because it was a present from my grandfather when I started to have house keys. It’s important to me because this is the first gift he gave me and the last. It’s the only  thing I have of him.
  • A book: I’m going to put my favourite book. It’s INVISIBLE by Eloy Moreno. I like it because it teaches you values and life hacks.  
  • A ring: This ring is very special because it’s my mother’s ring. My grandmother gave it to me and because I like it a lot and it is a memory that I will have for her later.
  • Keychain 2: When they gave me my first keys my parents also gave me this keychain.
  • Bracelet: This bracelet is special for me because it is a present of my grandmother when I was a child. She went to Granada and she bought it in a craft shop, she said that the bracelet reminds me of her me. 


We have written a letter for someone who finds this in the future. Also, we did our version of a time capsule. We hope that you like it: 

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